Sewage Cleanup

Denver Flood & Fire Restores Your Life

Sewage 01Raw sewage can wreck havoc on a home. Sewage backup can present extremelydangerous health risks. Sewage may contain several toxic elements such as bacteria, viruses, e-coli, hepatitis, & blood born pathogens. Since sewage contains microorganisms, many people are unaware of the danger that is present during a sewage back up. The technicians at Denver Flood and Fire are trained, experienced, and IICRC certified to handle all types sewage damage situations.

Denver Flood and Fire employs safe and effective measures to remediate sewage damage that has affected your living area. This process includes proper clean up using eco-friendly solutions that treat sewage contamination, sanitization of the structure, & odor treatment. Also included in sewage clean up is the safe removal of any material such as drywall, flooring, and baseboard that is deemed unsalvageable due to the level of sewage contamination.

In addition, sewage clean up also involves the proper implementation of drying and cleaning equipment to safely contain airborne & surface contaminants that can pose a significant health risk. Using state of the art air scrubbing machines and utilizing containment, Denver Flood and Fire will establish a drying & cleaning protocol that turns a toxic environment into a healthy environment, bringing peace of mind to you and your family. In short, Denver Flood and Fire will always make the safety of you, your children, & your pets priority #1.